Covid Quarantine Day 312

A fictional post by Nathan Chamberland It’s been 200 days since we’ve eaten meat. All the farms closed sometime last year. We now have to either grow our own food or hunt. But since most of us have never had to kill for food, we’ve decidedly become vegetarians. Ed killed a deer in December andRead moreRead more

The Cost

It’s 5am and I’m sick with a cold. As it usually happens when I’m sick, a truly heart-aching nightmare awoke me. In the dream I was at a place that looked very similar to a much-beloved and ultimately bulldozed shopping mall called Niagara Square. I ran into a very smart ex girlfriend of mine andRead moreRead more

I Feel Fine…

TL;DR: Oxygen and diet and mindfulness make me feel powerful. The preliminary results are in… I feel fine: A common response given by most human beings following a quick self-analysis when asked how you feel by a doctor, a loved one, or your inner voice after reading a health article or watching a wellness documentary.Read moreRead more

So here’s the scoop…

Twelve years ago I started having some troubling medical issues. I was employed at Future Shop as a Home Theatre Product Expert (sales guy). At first it was just stomach aches. Soon it developed into a life lived within the glossy confines of the bathroom and I was forced to take leave from work untilRead moreRead more

Religion and Overthinking

Sorry, folks. This is a long one. TL;DRI show my past contempt for religion while maintaining my composure. I tell a harrowing tale of an experience I had, and speculate on its meaning. I also entertain some cool ideas. All that and more below. I spend a lot of time contemplating my existence. I readRead moreRead more

Save the Clock Tower…

Actually, save the old Town Hall… Of my many interests I’ve had over the years, local history was an early one. I remember in grade 6 geography class–as taught by New Zealander, Mr. Smith, at James Morden School–I would gaze at the senior kids’ 1812 class-project posters displayed on the wall. I was fascinated byRead moreRead more

Why “Mind Dweller”?

As Led Zeppelin as that title sounds, it’s not meant to be a title at all. I called my page Mind Dweller because that is precisely what I’ve been doing for the last year.  When I moved out to remote Gravely Bay, I made a lot of changes in my life. I quit drinking (asRead moreRead more

Smokes, ideas, and booze…

I’m constantly fascinated with my own drifting thoughts. I’m 42 years old and am only just beginning to understand my own self. I spent a couple of decades inside a whirlwind of scattered ambition and flowing booze because they both happened together. For me, alcohol gave me tremendous energy and unrelenting drive — albeit inRead moreRead more

This is a test

Hi. Give me a minute…

Hello there. This is my first blog on my new website that’s home to all the stuff  I do. It’s also 5 am and I’m tired. I’ll be back tomorrow. Cheers!