Since 1993

Welcome to my universes

Hi. I'm Nathan. This is the online home for my creations. Here you'll find all the worlds I have invented throughout my life -- both professionally and just for fun. You'll also see what I'm currently working on.

Enjoy the sweeping orchestral scores and songs, the creative videos and film work, or my Mind Dweller podcast.

My full-length novel, The Standing Man, will be released at some point before my death.

Check out my three main universes just below, or head on over to my blog for thoughts on whatever!

Do enjoy your stay...

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Videomaker/iPhonographer Universe

I often like taking photos and videos with my iPhone. Sometimes I can make some pretty neat stuff. This is a universe I have always wanted to create ever since I was a child. I've been creating in this special universe of mine for more than 15 years now.

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Composer/Songwriter Universe

I compose and record music. All kinds of music. My studio Sonic Myst Labs is in my basement where I'm often tinkering with new sonic creations. I've spent more than 25 years in this universe. It's my my most cherished of them all.

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Podcast Universe

My new passion is recording podcast presentations - especially when they include my own SonicCinemas™. This is my newest universe and thus my current obsession. Take a trip into my mind using your favourite headphones!

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Tin cup

If you like what you see here and wish to throw a few bucks in my open guitar case, I'd be much obliged.